Why us?


We are a leading liquid manufacturer, who since 2009 has been taking part in creating Polish and European e cigarette market. We started as an importer of liquids, e-cigarettes and accessories known under ColinsS brand  which were sold across EU. As the first dealer on Polish market we launched e-cigarettes into traditional sales channel in shops and shopping malls which transform  e-cigarettes into commonly available goods. Thanks to rapid development we decided to launch our own production which is nowadays our core business. We produced tens of thousands bottles of liquids daily, which are selling across EU and eastern Europe.

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If you want to produce good liquid you need to have materials, recipes and machines. If you want to create unique liquid you need passion. The heart of our company is professional lab in which new tastes are created by master blenders and tested by vaping kipers. Almost every day new liquid is created. There are a tens of new tastes in our secret portofolio, every single one created from our love to blending of tastes and aromas.

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The market success of our products is a result of our quality care. Successful conformitive assessment of ISO 9001 proves our quality attitude. Our lab and production line are European  top notch facilities according to the technological supply and qualified staff. The high quality is understood by us globally, throughout whole supply chain, from material suppliers to final customer.

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About us

Way2Web is a leading European liquid producer. We successfully continue the legacy of ColinsS brand, our first  range of  products launched into the market in 2009. We are the producer and owner of Pinky Vape, ColinsS and E-liquid Cartel brands, well known and highly appreciated by Vapers across whole Europe.

We also specialize in OEM brands, designed and dedicated for our business partners from the western European countries. Thanks to our commitment, flexibility and quality we can offer top quality products in competitive prices.

Did you know?

From 20th of May 2017 the whole European Union market will be under restriction of new tobacco directive 2014/40/EU. Every producer who wants to introduce his product into market has to follow the strict regulations concerning packaging, chemical content and conduct notification process. We proudly  announce that we have proceeded notifications successfully for all of our brands,  and also OEM brands of our business partners. That guarantees, that our deliveries are unthreatened.

What make us so special? Our brands!

Our dedication in creating new products is something that mark out us from another. We are constantly monitoring suppliers in search of new concepts. Thanks to that, we are able to cope with the most sophisticated taste needs and complete any kind of order. Our devotion in creating liquids lets us to cooperate with many of European top-notch liquid brands.

Underneath you can find some details about our brands:

EliquidCartel – our newest brand, sweet, custardy liquids in thick proportions. Available in 8 distinctive tastes and 4 nicotine contents (containing 0, 1.5, 3, 4.5 mg). This premium brand is  especially for experienced vapers, highly appreciated by west  European markets.

Pinky Vape- our most popular brand in Poland. The high quality liquid in perfect proportions, available in 30 different tastes and 5 levels of nicotine (0, 3, 6, 12, 18 mg) Its popularity is based on distinctive tastes that meet vapers expectations, controversial names and competitive prices.

ColinsS – appreciated in the western European markets. Available in 5 nicotine contents (0, 3, 6, 12, 18). Elegant design and exclusive set of tastes let us to place this product in the premium segment.

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